Changing thanks to communication!

Nowadays, in almost all organisations there are two words which are used very often: change and communication. This is also true in the FCI.

Change is a natural evolution process and should always be kept in mind, any time! Otherwise the organisation is not working on a quality and stable future…

A few examples of what we should do:

  • interfere more and more in healthy and welfare issues for our dogs, which are part of our society, and especially cooperate with welfare organisations;
  • always keep the quality of our dogs at high level

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Gerard Jipping
FCI Treasurer
The Malaysian Kennel Association FCI International Weekend – 16th & 17th March 2013, Kuala Lumpur

The MKA was once again proud to host the 19th & 20th FCI International Shows in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 16th & 17th of March 2013, generously sponsored by SmartHeart Dog Food. The judges for the FCI Shows were Mr Darren Bowey (Australia) & Mr George Kostopoulus (Greece). We held the FCI shows in conjunction with two Toy Dog Specialty shows, an All Breeds Championship show and the Asian Kennel Union show, thus six conformation shows in total over the weekend for all exhibitors. This was done principally to give overseas visitors the maximum chance to collect CAC towards their Malaysian Champion titles. In Malaysia, a show dog requires three CAC won after the age of twelve months to qualify for the title of Malaysian Champion. Other judges for these additional shows held that weekend were Mr Fabricio Pastor (Ecuador), Mr Daniel Kwee (Indonesia), Ms Meredith Clegg (Australia) and Ms Philippa Mickelem (Australia).

Our FCI shows attract overseas entries, mainly from the Asian region, stretching from Japan to as far as India and the occasional dog from further afield. This time we had two dogs all the way from France & Kazakhstan to participate and both had successful weekends! The MKA makes special arrangements with the Department of Veterinary services to get Quarantine Waiver for these shows, to allow foreign dogs to come and participate at our shows without the need to undergo quarantine. All the paperwork and permits for entry and departure are organised by the MKA. Special arrangements are also made for the overseas participants to be housed together in bungalows and houses. All these arrangements by the MKA for our overseas participants makes it conducive for foreign exhibitors to come to Malaysia for our FCI international shows which are held in March & September every year.

Besides the conformation dog shows, the MKA also ran three dog sports competitions over the weekend, namely an Obedience Trial, Agility Trial & Dances with Dogs Competition over the two days. These competitions were judged by well known dog sports judge and exhibitor Ms Jill Houston (Australia). We introduced Dances with Dogs some 12 months ago and it is gaining popularity. DWD and Agility Trials are the crowd favourites and they cheer and support their favourite dogs! By combining the dog sports together with the conformation shows the MKA shows the general public that our beloved canine companions have both brains & beauty!

Our next FCI shows will be held in Kuala Lumpur, 27-29th September 2013. One of these shows is also our DFS CRUFTS Qualifier Show. More details will be available on the MKA website after 15th July 2013. Or feel free to email the MKA at for more details.