Changing thanks to communication!

Nowadays, in almost all organisations there are two words which are used very often: change and communication. This is also true in the FCI.

Change is a natural evolution process and should always be kept in mind, any time! Otherwise the organisation is not working on a quality and stable future…

A few examples of what we should do:

  • interfere more and more in healthy and welfare issues for our dogs, which are part of our society, and especially cooperate with welfare organisations;
  • always keep the quality of our dogs at high level

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Gerard Jipping
FCI Treasurer
New management team Dutch Kennel Club “Raad van Beheer”

On 1 March this year a new management team took up its position in the Dutch Kennel Club.
The new management team consists of Ingeborg de Wolf and Rony Doedijns.

The decision to have a management team as opposed to a single manager was inspired by the need for a team that can bridge the disciplines within the agency and create a bridge between the dog breeding community and the public sector.

Ingeborg de Wolf

Ingeborg de Wolf previously worked as a secretary at the Council on Animal Affairs, an organisation that advises the government on the policy area encompassing all domestic animals. She subsequently worked as a manager at the National Information Centre for Pets (LICG), a centre set up by the government and the sector to provide information to - specifically - (potential) pet purchasers and owners. She is very experienced and familiar with the social, scientific and government components in this sector.

Rony Doedijns

Rony Doedijns previously worked as a manager for an internationally operating Retail company. In addition, he has deep roots in the dog breeding and showing community, and has been involved in this world for more than 30 years as an all-round judge, director and chairman of a number of associations and the organiser of the biggest dog show in the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Winner. As a result, he brings a lot of dog breeding, showing and judging experience to the position and, like no other, is aware of the interests and sensitivities within this field.

Together with its new management team the Dutch Kennel Club “Raad van Beheer” is confidently looking forward to a pleasant and constructive collaboration with the members and the parties from the sector and government, in order to continue working toward the joint objective of breeding healthy pedigree dogs.

Gerard Jipping
President Dutch Kennel Club “Raad van Beheer”