Changing thanks to communication!

Nowadays, in almost all organisations there are two words which are used very often: change and communication. This is also true in the FCI.

Change is a natural evolution process and should always be kept in mind, any time! Otherwise the organisation is not working on a quality and stable future…

A few examples of what we should do:

  • interfere more and more in healthy and welfare issues for our dogs, which are part of our society, and especially cooperate with welfare organisations;
  • always keep the quality of our dogs at high level

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Gerard Jipping
FCI Treasurer
World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest: Dog Show for everyone
Attila Márton

One simple thing makes all events difficult: satisfy all people visiting there.

It is just necessary to understand no matter how big a show you organise, that different people are visiting with different needs. And when you have the knowledge about what meets their demands, you start your long way on a real exciting, meanwhile rough job. As an organiser you have to consider thoroughly the needs of the exhibitors, the judges, your guests visiting there, your sponsors, the companies renting a booth, and the visitors who are just interested in dogs and would like to see something special.

And when you expect so many visits for your crowded event, you can, or to be honest, you should give more than just presenting the wonderful palette of breeds. Animal welfare and protection are based on respect and knowledge. When so many dog lovers visit, you can give the aspect of different fields and that way you can fulfill a mission and that is the reason why the FCI World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest focuses on these topics as an important issue.

At different booths the questions about animal health issues can be answered, the interactive games of the animal protection organisations teach the society for prevention, the small seminars on a separated stage give new and professional information and the spectacular presentations in the Main Ring prove what marvelous creatures dogs are.

And as being in Hungary, it cannot be missed to present our country for foreigners as well. To show our traditions and culture a bit. To show all our precious Hungarian breeds and at a very unique booth to show one specific historical breed, kuvasz as a native pastoral breed and learn the way it is still used in the mountains against carnivores, and additionally have some slight idea of the life of shepherds as well.

We are getting ready, not only to organise it, but also to present a real memorable event full of experience. Because really everyone of you is invited and welcome!

Attila Márton
Hungarian canine organisation