Changing thanks to communication!

Nowadays, in almost all organisations there are two words which are used very often: change and communication. This is also true in the FCI.

Change is a natural evolution process and should always be kept in mind, any time! Otherwise the organisation is not working on a quality and stable future…

A few examples of what we should do:

  • interfere more and more in healthy and welfare issues for our dogs, which are part of our society, and especially cooperate with welfare organisations;
  • always keep the quality of our dogs at high level

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Gerard Jipping
FCI Treasurer
Cruelty to dogs

The FCI Commission for Utility Dogs has been informed of individual cases of handlers and trainers using aids forbidden under animal protection legislation in training their dogs. All Commission members explicitly dissociate themselves from and condemn all forms of cruelty to animals and the use of forbidden training aids. Training a dog must never lead to a dog being harmed or suffering cruelty. For years now, training methods have been based on modern behavioural research findings, with a focus being put on positive confirmation.

The FCI Commission for Utility Dogs will without exception pass on all reported incidents to the FCI General Committee. We moreover refer to the trial regulation provisions, under which a violation of animal protection legislation during an event leads to the judge in charge immediately disqualifying the offender.

F. Jansen
President of the FCI Commission for Utility Dogs

AKC visiting judges policy : communication of the FCI - 8/4/2013

In 2012, the Board of Directors of the AKC approved a controversial amendment to their Visiting Judges Policy which stated that visiting judges invited to judge (breeds and) groups which contain breeds not registered in their country of origin, may apply for, take the test for and pay a $25.00 fee for each breed. These breeds are: Boykin Spaniel, American English Coonhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Plott, Redbone Coonhound, Treeing Walker Coonhound, Toy Fox Terrier and American Eskimo Dog, all of them being breeds not recognised by the FCI.

This new policy would not allow FCI judges to officiate as group judges in any AKC event. This new policy, adopted by the AKC, confronted opposition from judges around the world and from the most recognised judges from the AKC.

Mr Rafael de Santiago, FCI Vice-President, started a round of meetings with key AKC Board members and judges, looking for support to derogate the amendment to the Visiting Judges Policy. The FCI stands behind the Letter of Understanding between the FCI and the AKC signed on November 8th, 2008, and requested, by letter, the AKC Board of Directors to reverse their approved amendment in order to maintain the reciprocity in the recognition of licensed judges.

At the AKC Board of Directors meeting, held in February 2013 the Visiting judges Policy was brought back to discussion and was amended in order to allow visiting judges to judge groups. The $25.00 fee and test to be allowed to judge FCI not recognised breeds is optional for the judge who decides to judge the mentioned breeds.

The FCI will continue to respect the signed Letter of Understanding with the AKC and continue sharing the common goals of promoting and protecting purebred dogs.

Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia

On Sunday, April 21st, 2013 the Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia (KARM) held their General Committee meeting. On this occasion, the new KARM Board was elected as follows:

  • Mr Saso Pesev - President
  • Mr Zoran Najdovski - Vice-president
  • Mr Slobodan Nasteski – Secretary General

We would also like to inform you that all official correspondence between the Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia, the FCI and all FCI members will be presented by the President Mr Saso Pesev.

With hope for a future, successful cooperation,

Saso Pesev
KARM President


General Assembly : 13-14 May 2013

World Dog Show : 16-17-18-19 May 2013


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