Changing thanks to communication!

Nowadays, in almost all organisations there are two words which are used very often: change and communication. This is also true in the FCI.

Change is a natural evolution process and should always be kept in mind, any time! Otherwise the organisation is not working on a quality and stable future…

A few examples of what we should do:

  • interfere more and more in healthy and welfare issues for our dogs, which are part of our society, and especially cooperate with welfare organisations;
  • always keep the quality of our dogs at high level

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Gerard Jipping
FCI Treasurer
Norwegian Kennel Club hosts first two international dog shows of the year

The show season is well underway in Norway, and two of the international shows of 2013 have been hosted in Bø and Kristiansand, respectively.

As in previous years, the year was appropriately kicked off in Bø February 23-24. 2600 dogs were entered, resulting in a very solid line-up for BIS judge Frank Kane:

- I was given a fantastic line-up as BIS judge, and in the end my best in show choice was the Miniature Poodle Sandust The One, who had topped his breed under me on the day. I had enjoyed a lot of quality in all of the poodle sizes. He is beautifully proportioned, squarely built with a quality head and eye and he can really move with the style all top poodles must have. He also had a coat of the correct harsh texture - he looked a picture!

They were followed home by other good ones, and I must comment on the Halden Hound and say how sound on the move I found it to be. I understand this is something of a rare breed now but my reading of the standard and my observation on handling suggests this is a lovely one and I hope the combination of hound and young handler will go on to many wins, said Kane following the show.

The successful show in Bø was followed by another eventful weekend in Kristiansand, where the second international show of 2013 was hosted March 16-17. Here, 2200 dogs were entered, and BIS judge Horst Kliebenstein settled on Greyhound Jet's Just Take Me Home Tonight as his BIS winner.

The Norwegian Kennel Club would like to thank all judges and participants, and look forward to the remaining international shows in 2013!